About Explore Tanzania

My name is Marjolijn Pronk, founder of Explore Tanzania.
We organize individual trips to the ultimate safari country:
the pure and authentic Tanzania.

Customized and tailored to your needs. I know this country like no other, I grew up in Tanzania and I know the country like the back of my hand. We’ll gladly take you to the pure and authentic Tanzania and know for sure that you too, will fall in love with this beautiful country.

How it all started…

Tanzania is my second home. I have lived there for the first 13 years of my life. Our family lived in Arusha, a city at the foot of Mount Meru and close to Kilimanjaro. My father worked for a Dutch company that trades in vegetable seeds. I had a fantastic childhood there, they were very special years. At the kitchen table I spoke Dutch with my parents, on the street I spoke Swahili and English.

Our story

Your tailor made trip

Back in the Netherlands and after several years of work experience in the hotel industry, I was still full of the country, and the ambition to do something with Tanzania grew. I wanted to share that beautiful country with others and help them discover Tanzania. To that end, I founded Explore Tanzania in 2002.

When I started, the tour companies that were there mainly organized group trips. I wanted to change that. With each client I wondered, what kind of people are they? What do they like? As a result, not one trip is the same with us. We offer a wide range of active safaris, where you’re not only in the car but also walk, cycle, canoe, ride or play golf. You stay in unique and small-scale lodges. Our Green Camps are extraordinary, authentic eco-friendly camps. Our trips are always adventurous, and if the traveller wishes, we make the holidays a luxury trip not lacking a thing.

Our story

Travelling in Tanzania at a glance

Explore Tanzania stands for:

Home in Tanzania

We are at home in Tanzania. We know the beautiful places and work together with the people there and therefore know exactly what to expect. And because we have almost 20 years of experience in organizing safaris, we know what a good safari entails and which combination of areas and accommodations ensure a perfect safari, tailored to the season in which you travel. As a Tanzania specialist we are represented on safaribookings.

Thuis in Tanzania - Explore Tanzania
Our story


We know the people, the country and the culture. We love the country and travel to Tanzania ourselves several times a year, thus safeguarding the quality of our journeys ourselves. We’ve visited all destinations ourselves and we have experienced all activities ourselves. That makes it very personal. For example, you won’t stay in hotels of international chains, but in unique and small-scale lodges where the local population works.

You don’t only notice that personal character on our travels. We aren’t corporate. If you call us, you’ll immediately get Marjolijn or one of the colleagues on the line and the travel advice will come directly from us.


We believe sustainable travel is very important. We know exactly what may be the effect of traveling on the people and the nature of our destination. It’s therefore our ambition to organize great journeys, whereby we try to increase the positive impact of tourism and minimize the negative impact, so that future generations can enjoy authentic, adventurous journeys in Tanzania. You can stay in Green Camps, authentic and environmentally friendly camps that, in addition to a beautiful view of the most beautiful locations, have minimal impact on the environment because they work on solar energy and have their own mineral water system. Here, you can read what we all do to make our trips more sustainable.

Explore Tanzania Duurzaam
Our story

The team

Ellen Buysrogge – experienced senior travel advisor. In love with Africa because of the smells, colors and wildlife. Ellen has made many trips, both privately and as a tour guide. Tanzania is her favorite country because of its extensive parks, white beaches and friendly people.

Paul Mulder – sales and business operations. As a former hotelier and frequent traveler, you know what makes a trip and accommodation unforgettable. Loves Tanzania for its purity, rich cultural history and variety of possibilities.

Marjolijn Pronk – owner and the Tanzania expert in the Netherlands for over 19 years. Raised in Tanzania and pioneer of tailor-made safaris to Tanzania. Travels regularly to her beloved Tanzania in search of the best and most special places.