Custom Category: Mafia Island

Butiama Marine Camp

About Butiama Marine Camp Butiama Marine Camp is a simple lodge, especially aimed at the divers of the Big Blu Mafia diving center.

Kitu Kiblu Beach Lodge

About Kitu Kiblu Beach Lodge Kitu Kiblu Beach Lodge is a simple accommodation ten minutes walking distance from the airport.

Kinasi Lodge

About Kinasi Lodge Kinasi (meaning small coconut) is a small-scale lodge on an old cashew and coconut plantation, near Chole Bay on Mafia Island.

Pole Pole Resort

About Pole Pole Resort Pole Pole Resort enjoys a stunning location on Mafia Island. The resort offers views of the Indian Ocean and the many islands of the archipelago from all angles.

Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge

About Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge is located on the island of Chole, a 15-minute boat ride from the east coast of Mafia island.

Bustani B&B

About Bustani B&B Bustani B&B is located on the west coast of Mafia island.

Butiama Beach

About Butiama Beach The Italian Maura knew exactly what she wanted when she started her own lodge: cheerful colours, clean rooms, a casual atmosphere, friendly service and delicious fresh food.