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Tandala Safari Camp

About Tandala Safari Camp Tandala Safari Camp is located in a beautiful acacia forest along the Mdweka Sand River, approximately two hours from Iringa. The camp is run by the owners Yanni and Dionysia Fliakos.

Ikuka Safari Camp

About Ikuka Safari Camp The unique Ikuka Safari Camp is in a great location in the northeast of Ruaha National Park, on top of the Ikuka slope.

Hodi Hodi Ruaha Bush Camp

Accommodatie Ruaha Nationaal Park - Ruaha Hodi Hodi Bush Camp

About Hodi Hodi Ruaha Bush Camp Hodi Hodi Ruaha Bush Camp is located eight kilometers outside the entrance to Ruaha National Park.

Ruaha Hilltop Lodge

About Ruaha Hilltop Lodge Ruaha Hilltop Lodge is located near the entrance of Ruaha National Park.

Ruaha River Lodge

About Ruaha River Lodge Ruaha River Lodge is an atmospheric lodge on the Great Ruaha river.

Mwagusi Safari Camp

About Mwagusi Safari Camp Mwagusi Safari Camp winds along the sandy shores of the Mwagusi River, in a picturesque setting.

Mdonya Old River Camp

About Mdonya Old River Camp Mdonya Old River Camp is a permanent tented camp, in the far west of the Ruaha National Park.

Kwihala Camp

About Kwihala Camp The Kwihala Camp is located on a secluded and peaceful hillside in the north of Ruaha National Park, a beautiful location with lots of wildlife.

Nomad Kigelia Camp

About Nomad Kigelia Camp Nomad Kigelia Camp is located in the forests of Kigelia Africana (“Sausage” trees), on the banks of the Ifuguru Sand River.

Kichaka Zumbua Camp

About Kichaka Zumbua Camp Kichaka Zumbua Camp is a fully catered permanent camp surrounded by nature. Situated atop a remote ridge in the Eastern Corner of Ruaha, this stunning and luxurious camp blends in perfectly with its rocky backdrop overlooking perhaps the most scenic section of the entire Ruaha River valley.