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Usangu Expedition Camp

About Usangu Expedition Camp Usangu Expedition Camp is located in a shady spot on the edge of the high water mark of the Usangu Wetlands, the source of the Great Ruaha River, deep in the remote southern corner of the Ruaha National Park.

Tandala Safari Camp

About Tandala Safari Camp Tandala Safari Camp is located in a beautiful acacia forest along the Mdweka Sand River, approximately two hours from Iringa. The camp is run by the owners Yanni and Dionysia Fliakos.

Utengule Coffee Lodge

About Utengule Coffee Lodge Utengule Coffee Lodge offers guests an oasis of tranquility on the slopes of Southern Tanzania’s mighty Mbeya Mountains, with spectacular views over the East African Rift Valley .

Kisolanza Old Farm House

About Kisolanza The Old Farm House Kisolanza The Old Farm House is located on the crisp, cool elevation of Tanzania’s scenic southern highlands and has been home to the Ghaui family since the 1930s.

Saivilla hotel

About Saivilla hotel Saivilla is a boutique hotel built on a hill with beautiful panoramic views over Iringa town.

Iringa Sunset Hotel

About Iringa Sunset Hotel Iring Sunset Hotel is located on the cliffs in the Gangilonga Hills, on the edge of the sprawling Iringa Town.

Selous Wilderness Camp

About Selous Wilderness Camp The small-scale and comfortable Selous Wilderness Camp is located on a peninsula on the southern banks of the mighty Rufiji River and can only be reached by boat.

Selous Kulinda Camp

About Selous Kulinda Camp Selous Kulinda Camp is located on the Rufiji River, with a beautiful and panoramic view of the flowing river full of hippos and crocodiles. The Rufiji River flows through Nyerere National Parc.

The Old Boma Hotel

About The Old Boma Hotel The tastefully restored Old Boma Hotel overlooks Mikindani Bay and the harbor in southern Tanzania.

Ikuka Safari Camp

About Ikuka Safari Camp The unique Ikuka Safari Camp is in a great location in the northeast of Ruaha National Park, on top of the Ikuka slope.