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Upendo House

About Upendo House The luxury boutique hotel Upendo House is ideally located in the heart of the historic UNESCO town of Stone Town in Zanzibar.

Stone Town Café B&B

About Stone Town Café B&B Stone Town Café is a simple Swahili style bed and breakfast in the heart of Stone Town.

Emerson on Hurumzi

About Emerson on Hurumzi The atmospheric Emerson on Hurumzi hotel is located in the heart of historic Stone Town.

Emerson Spice Hotel

About Emerson Spice Hotel The small-scale and most authentic Emerson Spice Hotel is located in the middle of the historic town of Stone Town.

Tembo House Hotel

About Tembo House Hotel Tembo House Hotel is located on a piece of private beach in the heart of Stone Town, on the picturesque coast and close to the shops, restaurants and historic sites.

The Swahili House

Over The Swahili House Located in the bustling heart of Stone Town, The Swahili House is a very atmospheric hotel with traditional influences and modern facilities.

Mizingani Seafront Hotel

About Mizingani Seafront Hotel The Mizingani Seafront Hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from Zanzibar Ferry Port.

Kholle House

About Kholle House Kholle House is a boutique hotel in the heart of Stone Town, on the west coast of Zanzibar island.

Dhow Palace Hotel

About Dhow Palace Hotel The small-scale Dhow Palace Hotel is located in the middle of the historical Stone Town.