Recharge in healthy and brisk mountain air

Staying in the Mufindi Highlands is the perfect break from the heat and dust of a safari.

These Southern Highlands have cool hills, pristine forests and rolling tea plantations.

  • Surface 7.515 km2
  • Inhabitants 265.000
  • spring rain season around April
  • fall rain season around December

About Mufindi Highlands

The Mufindi Southern Highlands lie between Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve, at an altitude of 1,830 meters.
This rural area offers wonderful cooling after a safari. The green highlands provide a completely different experience of Tanzania.

Landscape of Mufindi Highlands

The Mufindi Highlands is known for its spacious tea plantations, healthy climate and relaxed atmosphere. Also, for its vast tea plantations, a healthy climate and a relaxed atmosphere. A hilly area with villages on hilltops, surrounded by large and small farming. This is rural Africa.

Mufindi Highlands is known, amongst other things, for its tea and wood industry.

Climate & season

Mufindi Highlands has a warm and temperate climate and is a wonderful destination, especially in our summer.

March to May:
Most rain falls in April. By that time, temperatures reach on average 13 degrees at night and 22 degrees during the day.

June to September:
In Mufindi Highlands this is the “cool” period. There’s little rain and the temperature is around 9 degrees at night to around 21 degrees during the day.

October to December:
Precipitation is rising again, it’s the hottest period. The temperatures are around 25 degrees during the day.

January and February:
The temperature drops slightly, to an average of 23 degrees during the day. Precipitation varies.

Interesting facts

1. Mufindi is the name of a city in the Mufindi District, in the Iringa Region of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands.

2. At an altitude of 1,830 meters, the temperatures are cool in the early morning and evening. Night frost is possible in June and July.

3. The Mufindi Highlands Lodge supports a small orphanage for disabled children, which you can visit.

4. The local clinic and pharmacy are also supported and can also be visited.


In Mufindi Highlands you can walk through the rainforest and tea plantations, but also horse riding and so much more …


Mufindi Highland Lodge offers many activities.
You can go horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, and play golf, tennis and badminton.
Or take a beautiful walk through the rainforest and tea plantations.
You can also visit the orphanage in a nearby village.

Animals in the area

There are few wild animals in Mufindi Highlands.

Common animals include horses, birds and fish.

Dieren overzicht Mufindi Highlands

  • Diverse bird species
  • Fish
  • Horse

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Stay in Mufindi Highlands

Located between the tea plantations in healthy and brisk air.

This Fox family-owned landmark hotel in log cabin style is a wonderful place to recharge and undertake activities together.