Climbing Kilimanjaro – a metaphor of your life?

This leadership journey – led by Tom van Ruiten – to the highest mountain in Africa is a real physical and mental challenge.
On this Journey ‘Manjaro you work with two experienced coaches on your own leadership capacities and personal growth.
Invest in yourself for twelve days and then benefit from it for a lifetime…. Journey ‘Manjaro – is an unforgettable experience.

This beautiful 8-day tailor-made Kilimanjaro route in spectacular nature offers a unique opportunity to explore together what drives and inspires you, what may be blocking you from living life what you dream about and how you can increase your leadership capabilities.

After the end you take control of the rest of your life and career!

  • Travel schedule Click to view
  • Arusha Day 1 - 2
  • Lemosho Day 3
  • Shira Day 4
  • Shira Day 5
  • Barranco Day 6
  • Karanga Day 7
  • Barafu Day 8
  • Uhuru Day 9
  • Mweka Day 10
  • Arusha - Amsterdam Day 11 - 12

Travel schedule

Do you also want to increase and grow your leadership capabilities? Or, completely separated from home, build in a reset? Then this leadership trip to Kilimanjaro, led by leadership coach Tom van Ruiten, is really something for you! While walking to the top of Africa – under professional guidance – you reflect on life and work on yourself! At the same time, this 8-day climb offers you the full Kilimanjaro experience with sufficient time to acclimatize.


Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be welcomed by our organization and taken to your accommodation.
The next day you will meet the guide with whom you will set off for the next few days. He gives an extensive briefing about the Kilimanjaro area, practical tips during the hike and especially the night of the ascent to the top. You may meet the rest of the group here and check whether you have all the right things. The rest of the day you can relax and get ready for the special expedition!


2 to 3 hours of walking

After breakfast you will be picked up and taken to Londorossi Gate. After all registration formalities at the entrance of Kilimanjaro National Park you drive a short distance through plantations and villages. After lunch you will start a gentle climb through a beautiful forest where animals can also be seen. You camp in the forest at Lemosho Forest Camp at 2650 meters.


6 to 7 hours of walking

Soon you leave the forest and walk through beautiful moorland to the edge of Shira Plateau. The sense of wild wilderness is huge here, especially when it’s foggy!
You camp in the middle of the plateau, at Shira One Camp.


4 to 5 hours of walking

An easy day to help your body acclimate.
Today you walk through beautiful moorland and volcanic rock formations over the Shira Plateau to the top of the special Shira Cathedral at 3750 meters. From the top of Shira Cathedral you have a beautiful view of Shira Plateau and the top of Kilimanjaro.
You camp at Shira Hut at 3840 meters. From the camp you have a beautiful view, including Mount Meru in the distance.


5 to 7 hours of walking

The day starts with a gentle ascent and panoramic views. You leave the moorland and walk under the glaciers of the Western Breach. After lunch near Lava Tower (4550 meters) you descend to the camp in the Barranco valley at 3900 meters. This camp is shaded by dramatic cliffs and has sweeping views of the endless plains below.


4 to 5 hours of walking

You start with a steep climb to the top of Barranco Wall (4200 meters) to enjoy the beautiful view of the ice fields of Kibo above. You walk through beautiful valleys to Karanga Camp, which is located at an altitude of 4000 meters. This afternoon you can enjoy a quiet afternoon followed by a delicious dinner. You have the option to take some short walks in the area. A worthwhile walk to acclimatize to this altitude.


3 to 5 hours of walking

Today is a short but steep hike to get out of Karanga valley. After this follow a good path towards Barafu Camp at 4600 meters where you will arrive at lunchtime. This is the first camp on the hike where the camping area will be more crowded. In the afternoon you take a short walk to South-East Valley at 4800 meters altitude. The rest of the day you can rest and prepare for the ascent to the top that you will start in the middle of the night!


11am to 3pm walking

You get up at midnight to start a tough climb to the crater rim (Stella Point, 5735 meters) so that you are on the crater rim at sunrise. This part of the ascent takes about 6 hours. Arriving at the beautiful crater rim you can enjoy the sunrise over Mawenzi. If you still feel strong enough, you will hike for about 1.5 hours to Uhuru Peak, the top of Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters. After this victory, you hike back to Stella Point and begin the descent via Barafu Ridge to Millenium Camp (3800 meters). This will be the hardest day with a total climb of about 1200 meters and a descent of 2100 meters. Nevertheless, it is Victory Day!


3 to 5 hours of walking

Today you walk down through the beautiful rainforest via a good path on the Mweka Route. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our organization and taken back to the lodge in Arusha for a well-deserved shower and a delicious dinner to celebrate your victory!

Arusha - Amsterdam

You can spend this day at the lodge as desired. You can take a walk around the yard or in the nearby village. You will be transferred to Kilimanjaro International Airport in the afternoon for your flight to Amsterdam where you will arrive the next morning. The end of a fantastic experience!

Trip Details

This Kilimanjaro climb takes place in a small group, under the guidance of two leadership coaches, focused on your personal growth.

Tanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safariTanzania trekking safari


You will join this special adventure if you want to explore together with others:

  • How to take more leadership and control over your own life and career
  • What drives and inspires you, what your ideals are
  • What blocks you from living the life you dream of
  • Where you sabotage your own success
  • What your North Star is
  • And if you fancy an adventure, a trip to a beautiful country with a climb to the highest peak in Africa

There are several ways to achieve your personal goals:

  • Work-life balance workshop
  • Self-leadership workshop
  • Change Science Workshop
  • Workshop from Good to Great
  • and there is certainly room for individual coaching


  • Working on your personal development
  • Increased leadership capacities and mental toughness
  • Involved leadership coaches
  • Beautiful walking route
  • Small group
  • To the top of Africa
  • Perfect care and guidance


This leadership trip will depart from Schiphol on a date to be determined in the last week of January 2024 and will last a total of 12 days.

The trip will continue with a minimum of three registrations.
The maximum number of participants is eight.

Price Indication

€ 6,500 p.p, all-in, for private participants.
€ 6,900 p.p, all-in, for the business participant.

There is a surcharge of €375 for a single room / tent.


  • International flight
  • All transfers
  • Personal coaching by Tom and his team
  • Online intake session
  • All overnight stays in hotel and tent
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, water
  • Kilimanjaro climb, including full team of guides, assistant guides, porters and cooks
  • Camping equipment: tents, restaurant tent, chemical toilet, kitchen, tables and chairs
  • Head guide, assistant guides, porters and cook
  • First aid kit, oxygen tank & oximeter
  • Sleeping bag & mattress and/or walking sticks
  • Entrance fee Kilimanjaro National Park; camping fee Kilimanjaro.
  • Mountain rescue fees.
  • All government taxes.


  • Tanzania Visa
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Tips
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Necessities of a personal nature
  • Clothing and other equipment
  • Accommodation & transfers if you need to get off the mountain early

Tom van Ruiten

Leadership coach Tom van Ruiten is very driven to push boundaries and make an impact and get the most out of it.

“You’re only on earth once. That’s why I believe that you should make the most of it. After all, every day that passes, you won’t get back. That’s why I encourage myself and others to follow your dreams, results and to fully exploit the potential of life.” Thus Tom.

Tom van Ruiten was born in Tanzania and grew up in the middle of the African peace, warmth and hospitality. After four years he came to the Netherlands, where he became acquainted with the typical Dutch sobriety, the high pace of work and life and the endless amount of possibilities.
Every year Tom goes back to Tanzania; to take his daughter to her roots, but also to take leaders to ‘their base’.

Two cultures
According to Tom, the Tanzanian and Dutch cultures complement each other in a fantastic way. Tom takes both cultures with him in every step he takes. He started working as an entrepreneur at a young age, running several webshops, after which he decided to set up a media agency.

Due to the versatility of the two cultures, Tom looks at people multi-dimensionally. Parallel to his entrepreneurial life, he therefore decided to give training courses. During these training sessions, he noticed time and time again how great the impact of personal development can be on a person’s life.

In order to effectively get rid of the big or small problems on a conscious or unconscious level, Tom decided to follow various NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) courses: hypnosis, timeline therapy, New Code, provocative coaching, mBIT, systemic working, MindSonar and energy work.

Meanwhile Tom has been training large and small groups, and individuals in the field of leadership and leadership for more than ten years. personal development. In addition, he works with teams within companies and other organizations with the aim of growing the human capital of each individual and the team (itself). After all, a group is only as strong as its weakest link.

Because he saw how happy people can be with little (Tanzania) and at the same time how many possibilities and opportunities there are in the world (The Netherlands), he started Leadership Journeys to Tanzania. With the aim of stimulating themselves and others to combine these two worlds to get the most out of yourself and to make a positive impact on the people and nature around us.


Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey

Leadership Journey ‘Manjaro - Kilimanjaro climb


Give yourself this fully catered and enlightening leadership journey,
take on that challenge and enjoy nature, the company, the views and expert guidance towards personal growth.

Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey
Kilimanjaro Rongai route
Tanzania trekking safari
Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey
Kilimanjaro vakantie
Kilimanjaro vakantie
Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey
Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey
Journey ‘Manjaro – a leadership journey

Leadership Journey 2024

This Journey ‘Manjaro’ is a group tour of Explore Tanzania in collaboration with leadership coach Tom van Ruiten.
Sign up quickly because full = full.

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