About Green Camp Trekking

In remote areas surrounded by the nature of the Serengeti, where few others have ever been.

Go on an adventure and follow the animals on their migration route. With a small backpack, you walk from one stunning place to another, under the guidance of a professional guide and park ranger, to set up your tent there. The crew ensures you won’t lack a thing.

The property

You sleep on a comfortable mattress, in a lightweight tent with the sides and the roof made of mosquito netting.
View the stars from your bed!

All meals are prepared by the crew in the camp: good, fresh and nutritious meals, carried by the crew. In addition, there are lightweight chairs to enjoy.

Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking
Green Camp Trekking


Green Camp Trekking offers the following facilities

  • Full board, including drinks and safaris
  • A new place every day
  • Light weight Big Agnes Glo tent
  • Inflatable mattress
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Seats
  • Swahili shower
  • Hot and cold water
  • Solar energy
  • Free of plastic
  • Wonderful view
  • Campfire
  • Osprey backpack
  • Environmentally friendly


At Green Camp Trekking, you sleep in the best lightweight camping equipment, such as the Big Agnes Glo tent.

Green Camp Trekking offers the following:

  • Lichtgewicht tent (2p)


Our safari guides at Green Camp Trekking are very experienced and knowledgeable.

Green Camp Trekking offers the following activity:

  • Walking safari

Price indication

From € 295 to € 305 pppn (full board, including drinks and safaris)

Please note: the final property price depends on the season and currency fluctuations. Prices are excluding additional costs like transport, entrance fees for the parks, etc.


Like all accommodations in Tanzania, the Green Camps have also taken steps to ensure that its staff and guests remain healthy and still have a fantastic safari. The Green Camp philosophy has always been: far from the beaten track, private, detox and unwind .. so this new reality is actually not that new. That attempt to “isolate” you is only being taken a little further.

So the Green Camp simply continues with…

  • Privat dining and brunches in romantic and secluded places, with a view of the animals.
  • Setting up your tent in a private place, behind a large rock.
  • Preparing delicious and healthy meals from the clean bush kitchen. Plates are served at your own table.
  • Optimal cleaning of the camp and all equipment.
  • All (safari) activities, but with sufficient distance from each other and only with and for your own company.

And extra…

  • A daily temperature measurement of the staff takes place to ensure that they are healthy.
  • Suppliers no longer come into contact with staff. The stocks themselves are disinfected before use.
  • No hands are shaken, only waved.
  • A Covid-19 coordinator has been appointed to ensure that the protocols are observed, instructs the staff and keeps everyone informed of the latest information.
  • Are there sufficient means to wash and disinfect hands.


Green Camp Trekking

Experience a trekking in the Serengeti?

Let us know, we’re happy to arrange it for you!


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