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10 reasons to visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that has a lot to offer, but why exactly should you go to Tanzania? We give you ten reasons that will make you want to take the plane right now. 1. Tanzania has the most wildlife per square kilometer. This means we can tell you with certainty that you will actually […]

Blog work trip (Marloes): Arusha to Lake Manyara NP

Blog work trip in Tanzania (Marloes) March 2018 – Day 2: Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park Today, we go for a safari in Lake Manyara National Park. It usually takes around 2.5 hours to arrive at this park, but due to our varied program today, we will only arrive at our camp in the […]

Discover Tanzania like TV host Floortje Dessing

First episode of “Floortje To The End Of The World” (Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld), a well-know Dutch TV show about people who live in the world’s outskirts. In June 2014, Explore Tanzania organized Floortje Dessing’s trip to Tanzania. A report of this trip was broadcasted on 1 January 2015 on NPO1. This […]

On a safari with kids

Tanzania is a wonderful destination for a family vacation. You can make a quietly constructed safari with lots of variety and stay in child-friendly lodges and tent camps. The combination of safari and beach holiday on Zanzibar make your trip to Tanzania an unforgettable adventure for both young and old. One of the possibilities is, […]

Holiday in Tanzania

On holiday to Tanzania? Explore the endless possibilities! What does your ideal vacation look like? An adventurous safari? A tropical beach vacation? Hiking to the top of Africa’s highest mountain? It’s all possible in Tanzania. Eastern Tanzania guarantees a relaxing and peaceful beach vacation. Just off the coast of the Indian Ocean are the enchanting […]

The best time to visit the Serengeti

Due to the migration of millions of wildebeests, the location of your stay in Serengeti is very important. The wildebeests are constantly moving. Overall, we can estimate very well where the animals are. The Serengeti is a huge area. And wouldn’t want to lose time driving around in areas without animals, right? We therefore focus […]

Home in Tanzania

Imagine your childhood memories consist of walking in the wilderness, seeing wild animals, hearing and smelling during many safaris, sunbathing and catching fish on paradise beaches, playing with local African children … We’ve had that privilege. In 1980, our parents took us, two small toddlers, to live in Tanzania together. We lived in Arusha, a […]