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Traveling is simply possible… right now. Live!

At the end of November I left for Tanzania with two friends. In need of a good dose of nature, animals, sun and space. After almost 2 years of Corona related issues, I’m ready for some rest. Time to recharge, gain inspiration, just ‘being’ in Tanzania without a full program and agenda. And that worked […]

Homeschooling in Tanzania

The Netherlands will go into lockdown again at the end of 2020 and I decide to travel to Tanzania on January 2, 2021 with my sons aged 10 & 12. After all, homeschooling is also possible there, my second home. Talks about the next lockdown are in full swing at the end of December. I […]

Marjolijn travels to Tanzania, juli 2020

Since this month, KLM has been flying to Dar es Salaam. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, this has not been possible for a long time. The first tourists are now on safari in Tanzania. In short, it is high time to take a look there yourself. There are few cases of infection, the […]