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What is the best time to visit Tanzania?


Tanzania is wonderful to visit all year round. The country has a tropical climate and it has a dry and a wet period. Each month has its own characteristics, for example, nature is beautifully green in April and May. In June through October, the grass actually turns yellow due to the little rain that falls. […]

10 reasons to visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that has a lot to offer, but why exactly should you go to Tanzania? We give you ten reasons that will make you want to take the plane right now. 1. Tanzania has the most wildlife per square kilometer. This means we can tell you with certainty that you will actually […]

Studytrip to Ruaha National Park

Marjolijn leaves today on a study tour to Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania, to visit different accommodations here. First, she will make a stopover in Dar es Salaam. Curious about her trip? Follow her story on this blog! Thursday December 1 On Thursday morning, I catch the train from Apeldoorn to Schiphol Airport. Everything […]