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Finger-licking good

After 2 years of waiting, it was finally time. Our trip to Tanzania finally became a fact. And what a fantastic time we had! Special and perfect accommodations with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Manyara Secret on 1, but also the Maasai Lodge, the lodge in Arusha and the one at Lake Burungi were TOP!), […]

Barely to put into words

So impressive, hard to put into words Our Tanzania trip starts in the Schiphol chaos: even though we arrived at Schiphol well in time, we missed our flight to Arusha due to the huge queues for the security check. We knew that about 2 hours later a flight would leave for Nairobi, Kenya. They were […]

Our honeymoon, after a year of delay

After we had made the difficult decision in 2020 to postpone our honeymoon, and with it the wedding itself, by a year, this summer it was really time to continue our dream trip.   We started the journey in Zanzibar, where we stayed for six days in the Karamba resort, where the wedding ceremony will […]

Guide George was excellent

Dear Marjolijn, The trip through Tanzania went well. The guide George was excellent, knows a lot and knew how to avoid risks and still find a number of extraordinary elements. Among other things, we found his knowledge of birds very pleasant. We thanked him, of course, but you can do that too on our behalf, […]