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Mountain Meru is more beautiful

I lived in Dar es Salaam a long time ago, and I wanted to see what it looks like now. But first to mount Meru. Wondering if that mountain is indeed more beautiful than the Kilimanjaro. The day after arriving in Arusha we (Valence and a ranger, the auxiliary troops take the direct route) immediately […]

Shall we do it or don’t we?

Shall we do it or don’t we? Well, we just got back. Yes, but it was so beautiful. Well, it’s such an expense. Yes, but you’re alive now!       In short, after a few weeks of deliberation, our tickets to Tanzania were booked again within 4 months. This time via Explore Tanzania, not […]

The ‘Out of Africa’ feeling

Still a bit exiting to go during this period of Covid, but we (Family, three children (14, 13 and 11)) are now so happy that we went! We made our dream trip and our expectations were really exceeded! The days before our departure we had the necessary tests done, which is of course different from […]

What we hadn’t thought about were the crossings…

Around the autumn break 2019 we decided to travel to Tanzania. For July 2020 Marjolijn put together a trip for us through the alternating National Parks Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. Unfortunately, Corona changed everything. we decided to postpone the holiday for a year. So this year, after some doubts and after consultation […]

Hakuna Matata! No corona worries in Tanzania!

After a long wait and several postponements due to Corona, we finally left at the end of May on our dream trip to Tanzania. After consultating with Marjolijn about travelling in Corona time and all the snags that come with it, we decided to go this year. Now that we are back we can say […]

Not a single corona problem

Thanks to your perfectly arranged, but not cheap (together $ 230), Covid test, we didn’t have any corona problem during our vacation. All Tanzanians were very happy with our appearance. Guide George had not seen the Serengeti since February and was happy with this ending to the long idleness. He spoiled us with game drives […]