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We go with PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)

Uhuru Peak

Finally it’s 2023, been looking forward to the new year for months because on January 2 the flight to Tanzania was waiting for us. Yves (23), Frits (38) and I (41) had prepared everything as well as possible, checked off the packing lists. The preparatory hikes (although much less than planned) were also done and […]

Who would have thought that at the age of 64

Our trip to Tanzania, organized by Explore Tanzania, was from 24-01 to 05-02-2023 and took us to the top of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It was a great trip with the necessary suffering. A short report. On Tuesday 24-01, after a good flight from Amsterdam, we land 8 hours later at Kilimanjaro International […]

On adventure with son

Together to Serengeti, Africa. My son and I are traveling together for the first time. Tanzania and Zanzibar. After a full day in the jeep (an 8-hour drive on roads with deep potholes and potholes. Tanzanians call the bumps and swings a ‘free African massage’) we arrive at a tented camp in the south of […]

Best samosas ever

One of the goals that Anne Huus had on her wish list after retirement was to make another trip to Africa. I had never been to Africa myself. For this reason, based on Anne Huus’ previous experiences, Tanzania was selected as the most accessible African country. After some research on the internet, we made an […]

What an experience!

From Arusha to Lake Manyara Tanzania•December 30, 2022•27° After a good flight we arrived in Arusha. At the airport, Explore Tanzania was patiently waiting for us with a taxi. In the dark we drive without street lights to our hotel in Arusha. It is pitch  dark so we didn’t see anything of the country so […]

Forever in our ‘backpack’

Forever, we will take this with us in our ‘backpack’…. We never thought we would visit Africa, but because our daughter was going to do a study assignment in Tanzania, we also took the opportunity to go. And how glad we are that we did! Our journey started in Zanzibar where we slept in the […]

What knowledge and passion!

December 23 and 24, 2022 After a quiet and good flight we arrived at the airport in Kilimanjaro where we were picked up and taken to our first lodge in Arusha. When we arrived at the lodge we were very warmly welcomed and they had kept the kitchen open for a delicious pizza. The next […]

It couldn’t get more beautiful!

Our daughter works in a village 2 hours west of Mwanza. We wanted to visit her but were not sure how to handle it logistically. Especially since we wanted to combine this visit with a safari. Explore Tanzania has set up a nice travel plan for us, listening carefully to our wishes. This has resulted […]

My childhood dream has come true!

Safari North Tanzania and Zanzibar What a wonderful journey we have had, which started with Marjolijn, when she set out a wonderful journey for us. Monday September 12, 2022 it was finally time, after being postponed twice. It was a little stressful at Schiphol, but after four hours of waiting and walking we could still […]

A wonderful holiday!

After a night at the Outpost lodge our seven day safari started from Arusha. On the way there it was very nice to see the environment change and to see the first zebras already among the groups of cows of the Maasai. The safari started in the Tarangire National Park. It was great to spot […]