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We go with PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)

Uhuru Peak

Finally it’s 2023, been looking forward to the new year for months because on January 2 the flight to Tanzania was waiting for us. Yves (23), Frits (38) and I (41) had prepared everything as well as possible, checked off the packing lists. The preparatory hikes (although much less than planned) were also done and […]

Who would have thought that at the age of 64

Our trip to Tanzania, organized by Explore Tanzania, was from 24-01 to 05-02-2023 and took us to the top of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It was a great trip with the necessary suffering. A short report. On Tuesday 24-01, after a good flight from Amsterdam, we land 8 hours later at Kilimanjaro International […]

Long time on the bucketlist

It had been on the bucket list for a long time and in 2022 we decided not to put it off any longer and start booking. After doing some research ourselves, we ended up at Explore Tanzania, where our plans were discussed and adjusted to a more realistic time frame. Clear, honest information that immediately […]

Pole Pole, Enjoy Enjoy, Hakuna Matata 

After 2 years of anticipation, finally back to Tanzania! Hanneke and Rob 17 days on safari and our sons Luc and Eric will climb Kili and then join us to explore the Southern Parks of Ruaha and Selous. Kilimanjaro (Luc & Eric) On the first day an extensive briefing by the guides and check of […]

What a world experience

First things first: all five of us made it to the top of Kilimanjaro! The Roof of Africa. Mission accomplished… What a world experience. Unforgettable landscapes and vistas. Very varied flora and fauna. A lot of respect for our guides Paul, Valence and Herold and our 14 porters! We have benefited a lot from their […]

Kilimanjaro – the most beautiful experience in our life!

We really had a blast! We couldn’t have imagined it better, perfect combination between mountaineering, adventurous safaris and beautiful beaches on Zanzibar! The Kilimanjaro was an experience in itself, for both of us the most beautiful in our lives. A new environment every day, a fantastic group of people around us and the excitement of […]

A trip to the roof of Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro

The journey started with a dream of my dad to climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world with his children. Two weeks ago (January 6 at 06:05 AM) we were standing on Uhuru Peak and looking at a sky full of clouds burning in the morning sun. This is the best way to describe […]

Three ladies on a mountain

What started as a crazy adventure years ago (we didn’t really know what we were getting into ;-)) became a journey to remember: we would try to conquer Kilimanjaro. We: that’s Els, Els and Greet, 3 active women aged 40+, yes even 50+ for two of us. After a year of delay due to a […]

Not a moment unsafe

We (father and four daughters) have had a great trip. We really liked the combination Kilimanjaro and safari (in that order…).       The ascent was a true experience, with excellent guidance from a guide, not to mention a very good cook!       The safari was also top notch. We have already […]

An ideal time to be in Tanzania now

Dear Marjolijn, The 8-day climb of Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route and the 3-day safari through Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park in September 2020, have left indelible impressions on my son Bart and me. We have not at all felt unsafe with regard to Covid-19. Not on the KLM airplane, not in the Ngare […]