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Best samosas ever

One of the goals that Anne Huus had on her wish list after retirement was to make another trip to Africa. I had never been to Africa myself. For this reason, based on Anne Huus’ previous experiences, Tanzania was selected as the most accessible African country. After some research on the internet, we made an […]

Zuid-Tanzania (in corona tijd): Fantastic!

My wife and I go on safari regularly. Despite – or because of – corona, we again felt a great urge to go. Tanzania allows tourists and the risk of becoming infected there is undoubtedly much smaller than in the Netherlands. However, it turned out not to be easy to book a trip. Fortunately, I […]

Driver’s skills

Knobel stuurmanskunst

Hello Marjolein! We have been able to make a wonderful journey. We finally let Selous pass – the reports about the accumulated wetness and blubber were too dramatic to want to go there self-driving. We “did” Mikumi and Ruaha the first half of the trip. We saw an incredible amount and variety of game, plus […]

What a fantastic two weeks we’ve had in Tanzania!

We not only enjoyed the beautiful nature, the many animals and friendly people, but also the perfect organization of Explore Tanzania! Everything was arranged down to the last detail for us, our expectations were fully met. We chose to go to the less crowded national parks, namely Mikumi National Park, the Udzungwa Mountains and the […]