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A wonderful holiday!

After a night at the Outpost lodge our seven day safari started from Arusha. On the way there it was very nice to see the environment change and to see the first zebras already among the groups of cows of the Maasai. The safari started in the Tarangire National Park. It was great to spot […]

Finger-licking good

After 2 years of waiting, it was finally time. Our trip to Tanzania finally became a fact. And what a fantastic time we had! Special and perfect accommodations with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Manyara Secret on 1, but also the Maasai Lodge, the lodge in Arusha and the one at Lake Burungi were TOP!), […]


I remember well that my father (70 years old) used to always watch National Geographic. As a little boy I found the nature movies very boring, but as I got older I started to appreciate it more and soon “safari” ended up at the top of my bucket list. Although my father was always fascinated […]

Elephant in a tree

Awesome! That is our opinion about Explore Tanzania and Tanzania summarized in one word. For the people who would like to read a slightly more extensive report: We had a click with them from the first moment. After a first proposal elaborated by them, we would have liked to make some adjustments and these were […]

A scene from Out of Africa

Tanzania is our first introduction to sub-Saharan Africa. Our trip was postponed for 2 years due to the Coronapandemic, but in 2022 we went. Together with our son, Bram, and his girlfriend, Iris, we decided to ¬†embark on the adventure from 10 to 26 June. After a wonderful day of acclimation, we were introduced to […]

Selfdrive without a guide

We had a wonderful time. Really enjoyed! We went to Tanzania last minute for 8 days in September this year. It was very well arranged by Explore Tanzania. They listened carefully to our wishes and we always received an answer the same day whenever we emailed questions. The most beautiful places for us were the […]

Guide George was excellent

Dear Marjolijn, The trip through Tanzania went well. The guide George was excellent, knows a lot and knew how to avoid risks and still find a number of extraordinary elements. Among other things, we found his knowledge of birds very pleasant. We thanked him, of course, but you can do that too on our behalf, […]

More than satisfied

Hi Marjolijn, Our trip to Tanzania was absolutely fantastic. Seen a lot, everything well arranged, great places to stay and a very good and fun safari guide. In short, we’re more than satisfied with the way you’ve organized everything for us. My compliments. Kind regards, Jos.