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My childhood dream has come true!

Safari North Tanzania and Zanzibar What a wonderful journey we have had, which started with Marjolijn, when she set out a wonderful journey for us. Monday September 12, 2022 it was finally time, after being postponed twice. It was a little stressful at Schiphol, but after four hours of waiting and walking we could still […]

A wonderful holiday!

After a night at the Outpost lodge our seven day safari started from Arusha. On the way there it was very nice to see the environment change and to see the first zebras already among the groups of cows of the Maasai. The safari started in the Tarangire National Park. It was great to spot […]

Asante Asante

To stay in the mood: Asante for an unforgettable trip. What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had. Everything was right and was arranged down to the last detail. The lodges were just right, nice and small with super friendly staff and after a long safari day a drink and bush TV. Beautiful. The setup […]

Elephant in a tree

Awesome! That is our opinion about Explore Tanzania and Tanzania summarized in one word. For the people who would like to read a slightly more extensive report: We had a click with them from the first moment. After a first proposal elaborated by them, we would have liked to make some adjustments and these were […]

Karibu! Welcome to Maasai village!

Serengeti We fly at 8 o’clock in the morning from Arusha Airport in a Cessna Caravan for 12 people over the Serengeti. We get a plastic boarding pass. We fly over Lake Manyara and spot elephants and wildebeest, along the way. We land at Airstrip Kogatende and meet our guide and driver for the next […]

Sun, sea and Zanzibar – during Corona

What a fantastic two weeks we have had. If we ever go on a honeymoon, we are afraid that our experience in Zanzibar cannot be surpassed. To sleep for two weeks with the sea in the background and walk straight to the beach from your hotel room. Beautiful nature, long beach walks, cycling through traditional […]

Great sounds and stories by the campfire

A fantastic trip through Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti! We’re still reminiscing. Upon arrival, we met our traveling companions, a couple from Switzerland. Joseph was our guide during the safari and what a great day it was! He could tell us a lot and you always heard him coming with his catchy laugh. Everything was […]

So many beautiful animals everywhere

Dear Marjolijn, Both Muriel and I have returned home well (Muriel already after the safari and I went on to Zanzibar alone). You won’t expect anything else, but we thought it was really beautiful there. Now that I walk through the foothills of the Maas (Dutch river), between the bushes and then I almost automatically […]

Wonderful safari in Tanzania

Dear Marjolijn, The safari in Tanzania was beautiful. Thanks for the organisation! You’ll receive compliments from our guide Allan for the travel schedule. He found the structure of the visits to the parks with Serengeti at the end very well chosen. Zanzibar was very nice too. Staying overnight at Stone Town CafĂ© was perfect for […]

Marvelous trip with the kids (+ video)

Hi Marjolijn, It was a great trip with the kids. We really enjoyed flying with the Cessnas. The parks and the managers of the camps were very pleased. In the South, it’s more difficult to see real wildlife in this time. We didn’t see many lions in particular. However, that was well explained by the […]